Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

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Women in Computer Science (WiCS) is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in engineering, particularly with women in computing. WiCS acts as a support network and resource for women in technology by providing many social, academic, professional development, community outreach, and networking opportunities.

Throughout the year, WiCS organizes visits to schools (K-12) to introduce young girls to Computer Science while providing an opportunity for current students to share their knowledge and experiences in Computer Science. During the Fall, WiCS manages the ASU Grace Hopper Scholarship, the awardees and other ASU attendees of the annual Grace Hopper Celebration, the largest conference of women technologists in the world. During the Spring, WiCS holds ASU’s largest and most successful programming competition.

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Position Student/Faculty Name Email   
President Sumana Konatam [email protected]  
Vice President of Internal Affairs Evelyn Brannen [email protected]  
Treasurer Abigail Sepulveda [email protected]  
Co-Treasurer Kaushiki Singh [email protected]  
Vice President of Industry Affairs Clara Kim [email protected]  
Vice President of External Affairs Tasneema Azad [email protected]  
Logistics Director Ariadne Dimarogona [email protected]  
Marketing Director/Graphic Designer Asmita Jalote [email protected]  
Programming Competition Director Ariana Bui [email protected]  
Professional Development Director Vikriti D’ Vita [email protected]  
Mentorship Program Director Lian Salah [email protected]  
Webmaster Anya Yu [email protected]  
Campus Relations Director Krisha Raut [email protected]  
Historian Manasa Bellala [email protected]  
Advisor Farideh Tadayon-Navabi [email protected]  
Advisor Mutsumi Nakamura [email protected]