FSOs that want to promote their activities, events, and achievements to the Fulton community have several options:

  1. Inner Circle is sent every Monday and Wednesday evening to all registered students in Engineering. Your submission could also be posted to the Fulton Facebook and Twitter accounts, if appropriate.
  2. In the Loop is sent every Wednesday to all Engineering faculty and staff.
  3. The FSO Newsletter is sent out every Tuesday during the academic year. Email your information to Cortney Loui in the Undergraduate Student Engagement office at [email protected].
  4. Fulton Photographer: Email [email protected] with details of your event. Provide as much advance notice as possible.
  5. TV Slides will be made every Wednesday and are shown in the Fulton Schools Engineering Student Center and the 6th floor of the Brickyard. Email information to [email protected].
  6. Use the ASU Instagram by emailing [email protected]  a picture with a caption.
  7. Self-promotion through individual organization social media accounts, OrgSync, email, websites, etcera.
  8. Fulton Student Council can promote your activity or event through general meetings, emails, and Facebook.
  9. Advising Centers: Contact the appropriate advising center and request help from the advisors to share information about your events and activities.

Be sure to include “who, what, when, where, and why” and contact information for students to reach your organization. It’s recommended to start promoting your event or activity at least a month in advance. 

Remember that it is important to plan ahead when promoting events and activities!

For more tips and tricks please visit Communications.