Sun Devil Racing (SDR) is a student-run organization that competes annually in the Society of Automotive Engineers Baja Competition. Members of SDR are challenged to take knowledge from the classroom and apply them to real-world scenarios; engineering, problem-solving, and teamwork are used to design, manufacture, and test an all-terrain vehicle. Members also gain business skills as they are tasked with creating sales, design, and cost presentations for industry professionals. SDR’s curiosity impacts how the team approaches the end goal of a program that can compete and achieve top placement against hundreds of other colleges and universities from around the globe.


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Position Student/Faculty Name Email
President Justin Janda [email protected]
Chief Design Engineer Will Leader [email protected]
Chief Business Officer Zoe Castillo [email protected]
Development and Product Manager Connor Morse [email protected]
Travel and FSO Business Management Shams Hassan [email protected]
Chassis Leader Declan Gohsman [email protected]
Systems Engineering Manager Miguel Zepeda [email protected]
CNC Manufacturing Nathan Fahner [email protected]
Advisor Rhett Sweeney [email protected]