Student leadership resources

Fulton Schools of Engineering staff work closely with FSO student leaders and advisors, ASU partners, and other stakeholders to provide continual training and opportunities to help FSO leaders to develop exponentially. 

Fulton Student Leader Consortium

The Fulton Student Leader Consortium is comprised of student leaders from some of the largest student organizations, including: Fulton Student Council, Undergraduate Student Government, Residence Hall Association, and Fulton Peer Mentors. A collective voice for Fulton students and tasked with updating their respective constituencies on Fulton Schools happenings, this Consortium also updates Fulton Schools leadership on their various advocacy initiatives and engagement opportunities.

Women in Engineering Consortium

The Women in Engineering (WIE) Consortium consists of FSO leaders and aims to increase collaboration and support for Fulton women in engineering and help the overall Fulton Schools mission to balance the STEM population with the general population. Programs, events, and trainings are planned to help support these efforts.