Safety training information

Safety training overview

Members of the organizations listed above are required to attend a Warehouse Safety Training prior to using their student organization space in order to ensure that they are prepared to safely operate equipment and work with others in the space. Additional organizations using PSYN, RSS4, and USE will also need to take the training. Members must complete the training once per year. 

The Warehouse Safety Training only covers general work practices for FSOs who perform work with chemical, physical, and/or biological hazards (typically in PsyN 103, the Quonset Hut/RSS 3, and the Engineering Wings). There are other hazards that require added training (e.g., the larger shop machine tools, compressed gas use, products with HF, pyrophoric use, or other particularly hazardous substances). Uniquely hazardous situations (including but not limited to travel to hazardous areas, working with ammunition or explosives, etc.) likely require special approval and/or specialized training. Please contact Jonathan or Amanda with any questions and to discuss these.

In order to gain access to RSS4, PSYN, and USE you must complete the Warehouse Safety Training course via Canvas. This course will also serve as a resource for you to connect with safety, facilities, and student engagement.

To gain access to the Canvas page for Warehouse Safety Training follow these steps…

  1. Sign into Canvas
  2. Click Courses and Select the “FSO” Course
  3. Search for Warehouse Safety Training
  4. Click the drop down arrow next to where it says “DEV-Student_WT-RSS3” and click “Enroll”
  5. Click “Submit”

If you have any questions or problems regarding how to get started with training, please contact [email protected].

Organizations that are required to complete the training:

  • AHS: American Helicopter Society
  • Air Devils
  • ARS: Amateur Radio Society
  • ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers – members of Concrete Canoe and/or Steel Bridge
  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Daedalus Astronautics
  • MAV: Micro-Air Vehicles Club
  • SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SDRC: Sun Devil Robotics Club
  • SDSL: Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory

Requesting ISSAC Access to PSYN…

To request access to PSYN, please go to this link:  Please note, you’ll need to be on the ASU Wi-Fi network in order to access the link. Don’t know how to get on the network? Go here.

  1. Click on “Request” on the left side of the screen
  2. Check “PSYN” then click “Continue”
  3. Check the appropriate space request.
  4. Read the policies, click agree.
  5. Then click “Add”

After completing your ISAAC access request, we will confirm with your president that you should receive access. Once that approval is confirmed and we approve it through the system, you should be able to access PSYN.

Have other safety concerns?

If your organization does not use the spaces listed above, but may have safety concerns, you are highly encouraged to connect with Myrna Martinez and Amanda Hoyt to discuss your organization’s plans to reduce risk and conduct your activities safely.

Safety Services

Safety Services

Amanda Hoyt, Chemical Safety Specialist, Tempe-USE 118

Some student groups do a lot of hands-on activities that require more safety training. For assistance with your safety needs, please contact the ASU Office of Health and Safety for the Engineering Schools. This team is devoted to providing safety for all of the engineering schools, staff, and students. They also conduct trainings for our Fulton Student Organizations!