Warren Shearman, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Chemical Engineering student Warren Shearman attended the American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Student Conference last fall in Atlanta.

The conference provided the opportunity for students to not only present their research, but learn how to strengthen the AIChE chapters at their university. Warren represented the ASU chapter with the help of the FURI Travel Grant.

When Warren arrived at the conference, he had a goal. “I wanted to have an opportunity to show other students and faculty from other schools the kind of research that is performed at ASU and hopefully bring some pride to Fulton Schools,” he said.

Even though he was rooting for his own, Warren enjoyed getting to see other student’s presentations and discussing his own with them. These presentations gave him inspiration for his own future research. He says, “It has inspired me to continue the current research that I am doing by giving me examples of other student’s research and helping me to understand what other schools are doing as far as research.”

Overall, Warren enjoyed attending the conference and only wishes he had managed his time better in order to attend more workshops. With this in mind, he tells students, “Make sure you attend as many activities as possible and get to know other students!”

For more information on the ASU – AIChE chapter, click here.


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