Timothy Takahashi, Outstanding Fulton Student Organization Advisor, 2017-18 SOAR Awardee

Congrats to Timothy Takahashi for earning the Outstanding Fulton Student Organization Advisor 2017-2018 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) award! They were recognized at the SOAR ceremony on April 25, 2018 for their accomplishments.

Dr. Takahashi has spent countless hours helping train students in Air Devils in aeronautical construction and design. He has attended almost every build session and has hosted training sessions weekly to help the students in the club understand the principles of aeronautical design. Dr. Takahashi has performed far above and beyond the requirements of a faculty advisor by consistently interacting with the club and guiding members towards success. He has spent long nights in our workshop working with students to ensure the success of our project, and has helped us pull together an international collaboration with the University of Southampton on this year’s competition aircraft. His dedication and mentorship is the primary reason for many students’ participation in the club.

Dr. Takahashi spends numerous hours with Air Devils advising them on engineering principles. In the first semester, he held weekly sessions with club members to train them on aeronautical engineering and performance analysis.

As one of the team members shared, “Dr. Takahashi’s involvement with Air Devils is the primary reason for my involvement with the club. His dedication and technical prowess is an inspiration to me and pushes me to maximize my understanding of aeronautical engineering.”

This award earned the organization $500 in funding that will go toward organization needs.


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