SP16 Outstanding Professional Development FSO Leader: Daniela Panfil

At the 2015-2016 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony on Thursday, April 28 Daniela Panfil, current president of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), took home the award for Outstanding Professional Develpoment FSO Leader. Daniela has been involved in EWB leadership since her sophomore year, and her dedication to service has carried her success into her presidential role. Here is what her fellow EWB members had to say about her.

Patrick Hull, EWB Secretary:

Daniela Panfil has all the attributes of an outstanding FSO leader: she upholds a model standard as the president of the EWB-USA Chapter at ASU, and has a consistent receptiveness to new or developing organization members and the community at large. On a consistent basis, Daniela has made herself available to direct and assist with duties in order to ensure their success and completion in a timely manner. She has led the EWB ASU team from the front at the Engineering Open House, Discover-E Day and the Night of the Open Door events, and has been supportive of other officers and project leads with their responsibilities. Her leadership transcends personal goals and is at a level in which she invests herself in developing the leaders within other students. Academically strong and organizationally adept, in all, she is the perfect candidate for an outstanding FSO leader.

Hassaan Idrees, EWB Vice President:

At EWB, Daniela Panfil is the embodiment of commitment: last May, she organized a banquet dinner to thank the efforts of the professional engineers, faculty advisors, and student project leads for their successful work at EWB. She spearheaded the EWB ASU chapter to organize the 2015 Mountain Regional Conference, held in November 2015 at ASU. It was a resounding accomplishment, with student and professional attendees from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming appreciating the work of ASU student organizers for the content, workshop and networking sessions, and the overall attention to detail – underlining her commitment to the good name of the Fulton Schools and ASU.

Her immaculate organization skills ensured EWB secured the required Dean’s Funding Points, both in Fall and Spring semesters. She has wonderfully managed officer, general body, and project meetings. She oversaw 5 projects with all the EWB-USA reporting and documentation – a monumental task. Daniela also helped secure EWB extra funding through the FSO Industry Communications package. With her academic prowess and effective leadership skills, few FSO Leaders can match her legacy.

Ed Kavazanjian, EWB Advisor:

Daniela has been engaged in EWB leadership roles since her sophomore year, serving on and taking over the reporting requirements for the team that rehabilitated a water supply dam in the Bondo District of Kenya, serving as lead on the team that designed and fabricated a hydraulics laboratory for Bondo University Kenya, and then becoming treasurer and the ASU EWB chapter. Under her leadership, ASU EWB chapter has also become engaged with the Navajo Nation in a variety of domestic projects that have significantly increased participation in by ASU students in EWB activities.

Thank you for leading, Daniela. Here’s to another great year!


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