SP16 Outstanding Fulton Student Organization: SHPE de ASU

On Thursday, April 28th at the 2015-2016 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony, the ASU chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE de ASU) was named Outstanding Fulton Student Organization for the 2015-2016 school year. SHPE de ASU has made an incredible amount of progress as an organization this year with various outreach programs, conferences, professional development workshops, inter-organization socials, and diversity and inclusion programs. Not only are they dedicated to the success of their own organization, but they have shown outstanding dedication to their community, both inside and outside ASU. Incoming president Joe Quezada elaborated on the programs and traits that make SHPE de ASU so outstanding.

How does SHPE de ASU demonstrate commitment to its members and provide developmental opportunities?

SHPE de ASU is dedicated to the professional and academic advancement of Hispanics within STEM fields. We strive to create a network within our community to foster life-long friendships and integrate everyone within the our ASU familia.

Starting the academic year, we, as a new executive board, had goals already established from our summer retreat. This helped us go in full force to new year. One of our main goals was to increase membership numbers and to develop the sense of familia within our chapter. Throughout the academic year 70 members became chapter members and 74 become national members. During our first general body meeting the description of the executive board roles were defined in detail in order to promote participation in the committees of each position. We believe that by giving specific responsibilities, members are able to contribute to the development of our chapter without necessarily holding an executive position. In turn, this helps branch out opportunities to everyone, not only a set number of individuals. New members attended the committee meetings that were organized and found ways to get involved, especially with our outreach program. Apart from being part of different committees, our chapter organized various social events which contributed to the development of our chapter. From a welcome BBQ to a Salsa Night, members had the opportunity to get to know other students and find a supportive academic, professional and social network.

How does SHPE de ASU promote the vision and mission of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and enhance the engineering and technical education of students?

SHPE de ASU is dedicated to make a difference, a Fulton difference. Our mission is to empower the Hispanic community by increasing awareness of STEM in underrepresented minorities and to increase the opportunities of our members in the engineering field. Peer mentoring has become our main priority, as the Fulton Schools of Engineering emphasizes on this aspect to create a fostering environment. It is by making strong connections that we have built a community of problem solvers and people who are passionate about changing others’ lives one step at a time.


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