SP16 Outstanding FSO Staff Advisor: Carrie Robinson, SHPE

On Thursday, April 28th at the 2015-2016 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony, Carrie Robinson took home the award for Outstanding FSO Staff Advisor for her work with the ASU chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE de ASU). Carrie has been a part of the SHPE team for a few years now, and in that time her passion and dedication has only grown. Incoming SHPE president Joe Quezada told us why Carrie was the right choice for this award.

How does Carrie demonstrate leadership. dedication, and support of SHPE de ASU?

Carrie Robinson has demonstrated leadership and full commitment to our familia, SHPE de ASU. Her innate passion has touched and influenced the involvement of a great number of members, starting with the motivation that we continuously lose in ourselves but find in her. She is an active member and has attended all general body meetings, as well as executive board meetings during the 2015-2016 academic year. Her involvement within our organization has also been shown through her genuine persistence to spend time getting to know new members. Her support does not only involve attending meetings and SHPE de ASU outreach events, but she is also an active participant within the Fulton Schools of Engineering and the ASU community. She has made it a priority to make members aware of the different resources available in order for them to be successful student. Without her help, devotion, passion and dedication, our organization would not be as successful and our members would not be as strong minded as we are portrayed to the outside world.

How has Carrie demonstrated commitment to the success of SHPE de ASU and its members?

This year, SHPE de ASU and SHPE Phoenix hosted the Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC). As part of the planning committee, she demonstrated leadership, passion and dedication. This was an 8 month planning process and aside from everything else she had on her plate, Carrie still managed to help put together a conference for 350 people. As the Logistics Chair, she took over the responsibility of coordinating all on-campus activities. She went above and beyond the expectation of anyone on the committee, and for that we are eternally grateful. Without her support, Ira A. Schools of Engineering would not have been a Gold Sponsor.

Carrie has been an essential role model and inspiration for all members. Her commitment to this conference cannot be fully described without personally going through the planning process right along her side. Without her support, RLDC would not have been a successful conference. Whenever we, the committee, thought there was a change at failure we never worried because we knew Carrie was on our side. She always managed to fill the holes and turn the impossible into possible and viable options. We are truly grateful for all her immeasurable support in the planning of this challenging event.

Without Carrie, SHPE de ASU would not be as strong and active as we are today. Her support has proven to be crucial and valuable to all our members. The challenges we have overcome together have helped foster a stronger relationship and made us not only an organization but what we wholeheartedly consider a familia.

Thanks for your dedication to Fulton Student Organizations, Carrie. Here’s to another great year!


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