SP16 Outstanding FSO Faculty Advisor: Edward Kavazanjian, EWB

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) faculty advisor Dr. Edward Kavazanjian took home the award for Outstanding FSO Faculty Advisor on Thursday, April 28th at the 2015-2016 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony. Dr. Kavazanjian holds a strong presence in the EWB team is always ensuring that the organization is successful both as a whole and on an individual level. Current EWB Vice President Hassaan Idrees told us how Dr. Kavazanjian earned this award.

How does Dr. Kavazanjian demonstrate leadership. dedication, and support of EWB?

Dr. Kavazanjian is a notable and respected academician in his field, and his support of EWB ASU has been a big reason in the success of our student org. Being the faculty advisor, Dr. Kavazanjian has helped our project teams with making crucial decisions for our projects in civil engineering design. Dr. Kavazanjian allows our project teams to organize conference calls with the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) of EWB USA in his meeting rooms in ISTB 2, and is present to help the project teams answer the curveball questions posed by the TAC. He has supported EWB ASU student members participating in EWB conferences around the country, and has shown an interest in their development, which is encouraging for the student members.

How has Dr. Kavazanjian demonstrated commitment to the success of EWB and its members?

Dr. Kavazanjian has nominated student leaders from EWB for various awards over the years, and his presence in project meetings lends a voice of reason and mentorship for the young engineering students. In almost every Fulton Schools’ event, whether it may be the Spring Fair or the DiscoverE Day, Dr. Kavazanjian visits the EWB booth and encourages the students to spur their enthusiasm on. He is also present at the graduation ceremonies, and appreciates the graduating EWB student members for their engineering work and commitment to humanity.

Every Fulton student org needs a faculty advisor who is knowledgeable about the engineering basics of the club, supportive of the student members, and is committed to the success of the student org. Dr. Kavazanjian has all three trademarks, and his association with EWB ASU has been a source of great pride and knowledge for all the students in the club. Few other FSOs have as outstanding advisors as EWB.

Thank you for your dedication to Fulton Student Organizations, Dr. Kavazanjian. Here’s to another great year!


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