SP16 Outstanding FSO Community Builder: Rossum Rumblers

Last month, Rossum Rumblers was awarded the Outstanding FSO Community Builder Award at the 2015-2016 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony for their collaboration with partners within the ASU community as well as at a local and even international level. President Joshua Kosar told us what makes Rossum Rumblers stand out.

How does Rossum Rumblers demonstrate community building?

The Rossum Rumblers continually integrate with other clubs and organizations on campus creating a tight knit and efficient network. This started last year by linking with other robotics clubs across campus, but has expanded this year to include integration with the Startup Village Organization on Poly as well as the Urban Gaming Club. Every semester, the Rossum Rumblers partner with an industry sponsor to bring a hackathon to the school. It is usually big players in the tech field (Intel, microchip, Freescale) but this semester, the club has taken it to a whole new level. We have expanded our hackathons to include business, marketing and entrepreneurship students. By integrating with the TEM club and the Startup Village, the Rossum Rumblers have been able to put together a full scale product development summit this year, bringing together current and prospective students as well as industry partners and local investors for a 48 hour event where students will have 48 hours to put together a product and business plan before they are put on the spot in front of a team of local investors in a shark-tank like experience.
With the urban Gaming club, we continually work together to design new technology for their club to use in their game.

How do these programs impact community partnership?

As the hackathon is yet to come, the effects of the event itself are difficult to discern, however, even the planning phases have brought great impact to the community. This event has brought together many of the clubs on Poly campus and reached out to many on Tempe as well. The collaboration between clubs continually brings new members to all of the involved clubs as well as allows us to use each other as resources and provide a more comprehensive, collaborative club experience to all of our students.

Thanks for helping us recognize Rossum Rumblers, Joshua. Here’s to another great year!


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