SP16 Outstanding Emerging FSO Leader: Marisol Luna Aguero, EWB

Marisol Luna Aguero, Recruitment Coordinator for Engineers Without Borders (EWB), was awarded the Outstanding Emerging FSO Leader award at the 2015-2016 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony on Thursday, April 28th. Although she is relatively new to EWB, she has been an integral player in the success of the organization this school year and has accepted the position of president for the upcoming school year. Here is what her peers had to say about her:

Hassaan Idrees, EWB Vice President:

The Fall 2015 semester saw the EWB student member numbers swell to twice their size as Fall 2014, and this could be dedicated to Marisol’s professional ethic and consistent leadership efforts at the Fulton events, notably the Fulton Spring Fair, DiscoverE Day and the Night of the Open Door.
Every meeting was peppered with Marisol’s fresh ideas on student engagement, and she brought those ideas to life like the successful EWB officer retreat and intramurals. She led the student teams to successful site assessment visits and to project practice builds.

In short, Marisol is one of those students who bring about the “Fulton Difference.” As part of EWB, she has brought fresh talent and enthusiasm to the student org. She plans to visit India this summer as part of the EWB site assessment for the water supply project. Summarily, she will be working for the vision of Fulton Schools: working on an engineering project, doing research that matters, achieving success with student teams and the community.

Daniela Panfil, EWB President:

Marisol demonstrates commitment to EWB’s members through her involvement and help anywhere it is needed. She is has been the recruitment coordinator and Tamarisk project lead this past year. She was inspired to become a project lead for this project due to her passion for environmental engineering, and seeing the need for a project lead. In this position, she has found a mentor and helped a new member become engaged, work on research, and prepared her for project lead of the project next year.

She is planning the next leadership retreat and has brought many ideas to the table for how to improve EWB’s benefits to its members and communities. This includes an idea to improve the relationship between organizations that many students are interested in but may not have time for all of them (ASCE, SWE, EWB, etc) by possibly combining some of the general meetings, providing students more opportunity to see other industry speakers, organization involvement, and networking.

Marisol promotes the vision and mission of Fulton through her dedication to both improving our members education and experience and the impact our projects have on the communities we partner with.

Thank you for leading, Marisol. Here’s to another great year!


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