Khira Momodu, National Society of Black Engineers


Recently, industrial engineer Khira Momodu and two of her peers had the chance to attend the National Society of Black Engineers Fall Regional Conference in San Francisco, California. This trip was made possible with the help of the Fulton Undergraduate Student Engagement office.

The three-day conference Khira attended was specifically for minority engineers.

“I wanted to take part in the event to see the number of possibilities I have and [to meet fellow] black engineers,” she said.

Khira’s favorite part was getting to hear the keynote speaker, Makinde Adeagbo “speak about his life and how he never forgot about where he came from.”

The NSBE Regional Conference also provided many different opportunities for attendees.

“I hoped to get an interview and I got an interview with Google,” reported Khira.

When asked what advice she had for students regarding events like the one she attended, Khira suggested, “Read into the different companies before the career fair and tailor your resume to the company.”

“After attending this event I am taking the knowledge I learned from the conference and relaying this information to the members in NSBE,” Khira said.

She hopes to attend the NSBE National Conference this March to put this knowledge to even further use. To learn more about the ASU-NSBE chapter, go here.


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