Karan Kantharia, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Check out Karan’s excellent advice to other leaders, org questions, and fun facts below!

Question: What advice would you have for students wanting to take on a leadership position?
Answer: Being in contact contact with fellow leaders in the board and having a sense of team spirit.
Question: How did you first get involved with your organization?
Question: What makes your org awesome?
Answer: IEEE being a global organization helps me connect to several students and professionals. On the technical side, you benefit by knowing the latest upcoming technologies and standards. Attending various conferences and meetings help you grow professionally and develop a sense of responsibility. If I would name one particular thing that makes us awesome it would be encouragement to newer ideas and concepts. We motivate everyone to think differently and innovate for a better future!
Question: Fun Fact about yourself?
Answer: I would like to mention two fun facts about me. First one being that I am involved with 5 other student organizations at ASU and sometimes it becomes difficult managing studies, work and Netflix ! But I am still hanging there in the balance. Second, people know me as the coupon guy, if you need anything just let me know. I can help you get it at a much reduced price or sometimes free!

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