GlobalResolve Club Spring Break Service Trip

ASU’s GlobalResolve Club exists to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to developing communities to alleviate the effects of poverty. Every year, the club participates in an international service project to implement these solutions. This spring break, 12 members of the club traveled to Peru to donate and install solar panels for Azul Wasi, an orphanage in need of electric power. Members Leirbag Fajardo and Stephen Annor-Wiafe recounted the trip for us upon their return.

What motivated you to participate in this trip?

Leirbag:  I was raised with a mentality of giving and supporting others. I heard what GlobalResolve Club was doing and it immediately caught my attention. Helping people, especially kids, is what I love to do.

Stephen: I was inspired by my belief that the best moments in life are always spent with somebody. And so if there was anything I could do to create a best moment or spice up the life of the children in the orphanage, then it was definitely going to be my participation in this service trip to provide them with a sustainable source of energy.

What was the best part of the trip?

Leirbag: The best part of this trip was to see the kids engage with us. While working on the solar panels the kids would come up to us and ask, “Amigo, yo le ayudo.” Which in English means, “Friend, I can help you.” When the kids offer to help it will melt my heart and I would explain what is being done and have them help out a little. They didn’t drill anything or use dangerous tools. They would just put on some screws with their hands and then one of us from GRC would tighten them up with a screwdriver. We also played a couple of soccer games with them. There was a lot of engagement with the kids in this trip which I loved.

Stephen: This trip was my first time participating in an international service project and the best part of it for me was recognizing that I have played a key role in the successful installation of a solar panel system for the Azul Wasi Orphanage home.

After attending this event, what is your organization’s plan for the future? Do you plan on taking part in future similar events?

Stephen: This is the third time GlobalResolve Club has been embarking on this trip. Each trip teaches us something new and inspires us to do more. Hence, the club aims to organize future similar service projects and I will work to ensure the success of such projects.

Leirbag: Also, this summer 2016 the club will be going to Costa Rica to work on bio-diesel fuel for the city. I am planning on attending any plans in the future that have to do with helping people.

Any suggestions for other students regarding events like this?

Stephen: I would recommend that any student going on a trip to a country that speaks a language different from what he knows should at least do some research to know the basics before travelling. It would have been difficult for me had it not been for the help of the Spanish speaking members on my team.

Leirbag: Always have several back-up plans, because stuff might not go out as planned and if there is no back-up plan everything could fail.


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