20141210_ASU HKN Engineering Student Tour_002

George Chen, a man of the people, was named Outstanding Professional Development FSO Leader for his extensive work with Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) at the 2014-2015 Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony on Tuesday, April 21.

As president of HKN, George has done everything in his power to ensure the academic and professional success of his members. This year, he has created and organized multiple events in order to get his members involved in the professional engineering community. In the fall, he organized the first annual Career Mixer, which allowed students to network with professionals in the engineering community. In attendance were professional representatives from six different engineering industries and over 170 Fulton students. In addition to the mixer, George arranged several different company tours throughout the year. George was also responsible for biweekly informal lunches for Fulton students and professors where students were able to mingle with their professors and become more comfortable in their classroom environments.

George always makes the success of his members his priority. He was responsible for the hiring of several of his members for internships with several different industries. He made this possible through a series of efforts, including the updating of a club Resume Book, which is mailed out periodically to different employers with the hopes of getting the names of HKN members out into the professional network. Members report that George is constantly alerting them of new opportunities through email, Facebook, and even personal texts. They say that he is always available for advice, and is more than happy to give it.

Under George’s leadership, HKN has grown in all aspects this year, and the impression he has left on his members will hopefully inspire them to continue this growth.