Brittany Duong is the current chapter president of Engineers Without Borders and was awarded the 2013-2014 Outstanding Engineering Student Organization Leader distinction at the annual Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) ceremony on Monday, April 14. Through her grant-writing and fundraising efforts, Brittany won $31,000 in grant funds for EWB’s projects in Kenya. She also coordinated the EWB booth for Engineering Open House and regularly encourages EWB members to volunteer with her at all Fulton Schools of Engineering events.

Under her guidance, the 2013 Summer Project Implementation for a surface dam rehabilitation project was completed up to specifications, ahead of schedule, and under budget. This project and her work with EWB was so spectacular, the ASU Chapter was named the 2014 Mountain Regional Premier Chapter and won the 2014 Premier Project Award. Brittany is also playing a critical role in EWB National’s pilot program for domestic projects; she has worked closely with other FSE student organizations to start projects with the Havasupai Tribe. At the same time, Brittany continues to coordinate the annual Kenya Dig It 5k run, and also mentors the next generation of EWB leaders, teaching them project management skills along with technical engineering.

Brittany epitomizes the vision and mission of the Fulton Schools of Engineering by leading a student organization that greatly helps the world through its sustainable water solutions and is an outstanding leader because she leads by example. She encourages everything to be the best engineers they can and to find ways to positively impact the world. She has helped EWB begin a new local project and greatly aided in making that possible. She has raised an unbelievable amount of money through grants and fundraising while also making sure that everyone was on the same page. Above all, she led EWB to become one the premier chapters in the nation.

Brittany worked hard to make sure these projects were implemented in a timely manner and well. She is an inspiration to engineering students because she truly proves that through hard work, dedication and teamwork, wonderful things are possible. Engineers Without Borders is advised by Dr. Kristen Parrish and Dr. Amy Landis.


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