Air Devils took home the title of 2013-2014 Outstanding Engineering Student Organization at the annual Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) ceremony on Monday, April 14. Air Devils is a competitive aeronautical ESO that competes yearly in the AIAA Design Build Fly competition, which alternates between Wichita, KS and Tucson, AZ. Their competitive goal is to be one of the top ten international teams, and the overall goal of the club is to allow students to get hands on engineering experience, develop professional networks, and provide opportunities to get involved with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.


Members of Air Devils have also attended almost every single outreach opportunity throughout the year, in an effort to recruit further talent and share the dream of flight with children in the community. The organization is consistently the top organization for Dean’s Funding Points and can always be counted on to help out wherever help is needed.


Air Devils strives to embody the “Engineers from day one” mentality. Every year, new engineering freshmen with have the opportunity to experience first-hand and solve real engineering problems. New members learn skills that they will learn in later classes such as solid modeling in Solidworks, solid mechanics, and aerodynamics, allowing them to approach those classes with already a practical understanding. With Raytheon as sponsors and Dr. Timothy Takahashi’s experience, students are provided opportunities to grow their network and meet industry professionals. Outside of competitive goals, the club has remained successful in its attempt to remain active in volunteering and outreach.


In the end, being an Air Devils member means getting real world experience that applies what is taught in coursework, and goes beyond what is expected out of a college graduate. Michael Gurczak serves as current Air Devils president and Dr. Timothy Takahashi is the Air Devils faculty advisor.