The mission of our club is to enhance the experience of students and faculty within the Industrial Engineering department at ASU. To accomplish this goal we engage in the following activities: industry networking, academic competition, community enhancing social events, and departmental resource development.

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PositionStudent/Faculty NameEmail
PresidentLorenzo de Guzmanldeguzm1@asu.edu
VP of TreasuryJack Marksjamarks4@asu.edu
Conference DirectorNathan Chmelniknchmelni@asu.edu
VP of Conference OperationsKat Johnsonkrjohn37@asu.edu
VP of CommunicationsJake Simonjgsimon@asu.edu
VP of Creative DesignJade Heidbrederjheidbre@asu.edu
VP of Member RelationsEmma Martzemartz@asu.edu
VP of Industry RelationsChi Nguyencknguyen9@asu.edu
Faculty AdvisorDr. Feng Jufengju@asu.edu