Maintaining an Org website

Having an organization web site to refer folks to is fabulous. It’s easy to access, easy to share and a great space to showcase your org’s accomplishments. It’s also a lot of work. Here are a few tips to use when setting up and maintaining your org’s web site:


  • Explain your charter! Who are you, why would somebody join your org, who is your ideal member.
  • Include prominent links to your social media ESPECIALLY if your social media accounts are active.
  • Make sure your org’s contact information is current AND checked often.
  • Ask for site feedback from friends, advisors and family members.
  • Go for quality of content over content. It’s OK to have a small site so long as the information is accurate and relevant. DON’T put up any placeholder content. If you don’t have it now, it’s not going to magically appear.
  • Content is a commitment. If you plan to blog, treat it like a job. Schedule time to draft, review and publish blog posts on a regular schedule.
  • Take lots of photos and post them!
  • Does your org have a signature event that is anticipated every year? Make sure you have a web page that is updated regularly about the event.
  • Plan for succession. It’s much easier for the next generation of officers to continue your legacy when you give them access early and tell them what you wish you had known when you started!