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Engineering  |  Fulton Schools Student Organizations

How being an FSO works


Interested in becoming a Fulton Student Organization?

Is your organization interested in becoming a Fulton Student Organization? Please look over the criteria below to ensure that your organization meets the basic criteria to be either a Fulton Student Organization or an affiliated Fulton Student Organization.

If your organization meets the FSO standards, feel free to make an appointment by contacting

What’s in it for your organization to be an FSO?

  • Opportunity to apply for Dean’s Funding and other funding, as applicable
  • Promotion through the Fulton Student Organization Directory
  • Increased opportunities to develop your FSO in regards to superior leadership, engagement, outreach and professional preparedness (i.e. training, professional development, networking, etc.)
  • Advocacy by Fulton Schools of Engineering, Student Success and Engagement, and Fulton Student Council on behalf of the FSO
  • Opportunities to be recognized when the organization leads in awards, scholarships, rankings, competitions and sponsorships

Fulton Student Organizations (FSOs)

FSOs meet the following criteria:

  • Are an approved student organization through ASU’s office of Student Organizations and Involvement
  • Have an Fulton faculty or staff advisor
  • On a minimum of an annual basis, provide their membership list with at least 10 active student members, at least 60% are Fulton students
  • Have existed at ASU for at least a semester and can demonstrate their organization’s activities and achievements to date
  • Can demonstrate ongoing activities that meet at least one area of the IRA’S standard:
    • Interaction: encourage student interaction with faculty, staff, or industry
    • Recognition: brings prestige and recognition to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
    • Academic: enhance the engineering or technical education of students
    • Student mentoring: facilities peer-to-peer student mentoring
  • Can clearly demonstrate that they meet at least one (if not more) of these criteria:
    • National/international organization affiliation
    • Competing at a national/international level (completed in at least one competition prior to applying to become an FSO)
    • Research-based organization with required technical reports at competition evaluated by national organization/competition staff
    • Significant K-12 outreach program approved by K-12 outreach staff

FSOs have access to the following resources and support:

  • Opportunities to apply for Dean’s Funding and maintain Revenue and Gift accounts with Fulton
  • Organization advising and professional development from the Student Success and Engagement Office
  • Receiving an entry in the Fulton Student Organization directory
  • Promotion through the Fulton Student Organizations Newsletter
  • Access to organizational tools and storage space