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Helios Rocketry is an interdisciplinary group of students working on becoming the first student team to design, build, and launch a liquid-propelled, single-stage rocket to space!

Due to the Covid pandemic, we were unable to continue to be part of the Base11 Space Challenge, but we are continuing our work and are driven to succeed at it more than ever.

We will be posting up the new application, which is open to all grades, we are looking for individuals with a passion for space exploration, solving hard engineering problems, and the desire to share our progress with the public.

The application will be live on August 1st if you want to join have your resume prepared. In your resume make sure to include all previous experiences regarding any projects (engineering & non-engineering) that you have been a part of or any hobbies you are passionate about. Also, make sure to have a minimum of one-page letter of motivation, this is so that you have an opportunity to talk about why you want to join Helios, explain a little more about your passion for projects like this or speak about your previous experiences.

We want to see that you have been a part of something or have pursued a hobby with a passion & drive that you can bring to the team. Throughout our experience at building this team and working on this project, it has become apparent that even though skills & talent are important having drive and passion maybe even more important since they are needed when you are trying to learn new skills to solve some sort of problem.

We look forward to this new year, to continuing this amazing project, and more than anything we look forward to you joining us on this amazing journey to space!

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PositionStudent/Faculty NameEmail
PresidentElvis Leoneleon9@asu.edu
AdvisorJay Pateljkpatel1@asu.edu
AdvisorAram Chomina-ChavezAram.Chavez@asu.edu