Donald Wood was a new member to Air Devils this year, making a quick impact as Wing Lead and later earning election to the position of vice president. For his hard work, he received the 2013-2014 Outstanding Emerging Engineering Student Organization Leader distinction at the annual Student Organization Awards & Recognition (SOAR) ceremony on Monday, April 14.


Don put together a team of students to completely revamp the way Air Devils designs and builds wings. He led his team to test countless spar designs which led to more than 5 balsa spar designs prototyped and tested this year, optimizing his designs for competition. Because of his leadership this year, Don has completely changed the design process of Air Devils’ competitive aircraft and established a solid platform for the club to build on for years to come. He brought new, fresh ideas to the design process, and has served as an excellent Wing construction leader.
In everything he does, Don ensures that the people around him are learning. Air Devils members look up to Don, who teaches other members not only on how to do certain things, but also why those things are done. He comes to many of the volunteering events, always ready to talk to and engage people about remote controlled aircraft. He earned everyone’s respect with his knowledge and dedication. Don has committed extraordinary time and effort to Air Devils, present for all of the meetings and even assuming the role of the new pilot for this year’s competition. Donald also encourages group study sessions with Air Devils students and other Aerospace Engineering majors. This is such a frequent practice that other members refer to the students who are commonly around him as “The Don Squad”.


The current president of Air Devils is Michael Gurczak, advised by Dr. Timothy Takahashi.


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