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Engineering | Fulton Schools Student Organizations

Dean’s Funding


Submit your 2019-20 FSO Strategic Plans by 12 p.m. (noon) on August 30

All FSOs are expected to provide a 2019-20 FSO Strategic Plan and are eligible to apply for Dean’s Funding. The Strategic Plan template and guide are found on the FSO Canvas page under “Modules”. 

Questions? Contact your FSO Liaison or 


  • Registered Fulton Student Organizations that continue to meet FSO eligibility criteria
  • Request support events/projects/activities within the academic period for the funding.
  • Submit their complete proposal by the deadline. Late proposals will not be considered.

FSOs in good standing may apply for Dean’s Funding. You may request funding for events/activities that clearly align with at least one of the four criteria of the IRA’S standard:

  • Interaction: encourage student interaction with faculty, staff, or industry
  • Recognition: brings prestige and recognition to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
  • Academic: enhance the engineering or technical education of students
  • Student mentoring: facilitates peer-to-peer student mentoring

Each proposed activity must address these questions:

  • Activity description and purpose statement: Provide a clear description and purpose statement for the proposed activity. Make sure that the timeline for the activity is well-outlined in the Calendaring section of your strategic plan. Including dates, times and locations (as applicable) will strengthen your proposal and may affect your organization’s consideration for funding.
  • Impact of funding: To measure impact, you need to measure change. What will change as a result of your organization receiving Dean’s Funding? What is the impact on the community and the profession in general?
  • Evaluation plan: How will you determine that this activity is successful? Will you use surveys, attendance, verbal feedback, competition standing, etc.? Clearly provide your evaluation methods.


Suggested funding requests

If your organization is relatively new to the Dean’s Funding application process, below are some possible funding requests. FSOs must clearly state how their requests align with IRA’S standard.

  • Safety-culture building
  • K-12 or community outreach
  • Project/competition materials
  • Events that feature faculty and/or industry
  • Partnerships with fellow FSOs or FSE Partners
  • Engineering Week
  • Competition travel or travelling to present at a conference
    • If you are requesting travel funding, you must provide in your proposal how travelers will be selected and how travelers will share their experience with non-travelling members.

Items that will not be funded

  • Food for general body meetings
  • Social events
  • Laptops, cameras, etc.
  • T-shirts




Once the FSO chooses its funding tier and submits their completed strategic plan, the Dean’s Funding committee will review their plan. This committee, which is comprised of Fulton Student Council, Student Engagement and FSE partners, will review the organization’s strategic plan and award funding for the academic year, based on criteria met.

FSO Dean’s Funding applications will be evaluated for funding based upon the following criteria:

  1. The FSO has met all requirements to maintain FSO standing.
  2. The FSO provides a clear, well-outlined calendar for the academic year, including their org-chosen Dean’s Funding volunteering events.
  3. As appropriate to their needs, the FSO provides a clear fundraising plan that includes sources in addition to Dean’s Funding.
  4. The proposed activity sections clearly and thoughtfully discusses the following:
    1. Connection to at least one component of IRA’S standard
    2. Alignment with the vision for FSOs
    3. Description and purpose for the activity, including specific details
    4. Impact of funding
    5. Evaluation plan
  5. The FSO advisor strongly endorses the FSO’s abilities and preparation for the academic year and demonstrates a clear commitment toward the FSO as a mentor.

Dean’s Funding expectations

Dean’s Funded FSOs are expected to meet these expectations:

  • Spend 85% of Dean’s Funding
  • Earn the required Dean’s Funding Points per their funding tier stipulations for the academic year
  • Participate in the monthly Fulton Student Council hosted FSO meetings
  • Submit end-of-year assessment/update on plans
  • As plans change throughout the year, FSOs are expected to update their strategic plan and Dean’s Funding requests accordingly and submit them to Student Engagement, per the instructions outlined in the FSO timeline for the academic year.



If awarded funding, leaders who intend to spend the funding need to complete the FSO Executive Board Financial Training. Please go to the FSO Canvas page to enroll.




FSOs are expected to earn the required Dean’s Funding Points per their funding tier stipulations for the academic year. FSO points will be updated by Student Engagement within two weeks of submission or compliance deadline. They may earn points through the options listed below.

Volunteering for Dean’s Funding point-earning events

Dean’s Funding eligible events are events that are sponsored by the Fulton Engineering Dean’s Office or Fulton Student Council. The number of points an org may earn per event depends on the FSO’s membership roster.

Dean’s Funding action points

FSOs may also earn points by completing any of the action items provided here. Please review the document for how to report your organization’s completed action.





FSO meetings will be held once a month. FSOs are required to send at least one representative from their organization, preferably an executive member. If the representative is not an executive member, then an executive member must inform FSC of the representative member to insure confidence.

Meeting will be held in a round-table like fashion and the itinerary will be in the form of announcements, updates, previous discussion (if relevant), industry or ASU speaker, pressing matters (if any), free chat, and conclusion.



After the FSO Leadership Retreat, detailed information about the modification and end-of-year-assessment will be provided.


Dean’s Funding tiers

Pewter* Bronze Silver Gold Platinum:
$0-1,000 $1,001-$3,000 $3,001-$5,000 $5,001-$7,000 $7,000+

Requests of this scale will go to the Dean for consideration.

Funding Tier Expectations Funding Tier Expectations Funding Tier Expectations Funding Tier Expectations Funding Tier Expectations
  • Earn 30 Dean’s Funding points



  • Earn 30 Dean’s Funding points


  • Earn 40 Dean’s Funding points
  • Recommended that your FSO completes at least 1 optional section for funding consideration.
  • Earn 50 Dean’s Funding points
  • Recommended that your FSO completes at least 2 optional sections for funding consideration.
  • May need to meet with Dean’s Funding committee to review plans. The committee will follow up with you for this.


  • Earn 60 Dean’s Funding points
  • Must complete all optional sections for consideration.
  • May need to meet with Dean’s Funding committee to review plans. The committee will follow up with you for this.
  • Must work closely with the Engineering Dean’s Office for all planning.