Combat Ready Robotics at ASU

Combat Ready Robotics at ASU is open to any and all ASU students and focuses on building interest and excitement for robotics through the medium of robot combat. Members will have the opportunity to design and construct real combat robots at one of several weight classes depending on prior experience. Beginners will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of robot design and build 3lb “beetleweight” robots in small teams. More advanced members can work on the 30lb “featherweight” robots, with the goal of translating successful design concepts into a single 250lb “heavyweight” bot to try and compete in next year’s “BattleBots” TV show.

The club hosts Sun Devil Smackdown, a 3lb combat robotics tournament catered to ASU students. In the weeks leading up to each competition, we host a series of workshops to teach groups of students how to build 3lb robots while funding their designs, culminating in a tournament bracket.

Other activities include collaborating with Arizona Robot Combat (ARC), a local combat robotics organization, to host tournaments that are open to the public.

IMPORTANT: We have a meeting every Saturday at 3:00pm!

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